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Two Sherlockians

On the Peak of Mt Sinai

Senior Bear Winston

Winston on 11B Traction

Another Eminent JWM Bear

Alf Likes Citroëns, Too

Another Citroën in the Collection: the C-3 (1925) "Bateau"

Finally, a Classic DeLorean!

Strasbourg: Our Second Home

Oberammergau Holiday 2000

Lany, Son Jean-Marie, Daughter-in-Law Laurence

At a Fountain in Crete (Are All Cretans Liars??)

Jean-Marie Clowning Classically in Crete

Jean-Marie & Two Friends

Battle Royal

Lany, Alligator, Homard

Lany, Brother-in-Law Bob Schumacher & John's Best (and Only) Sister Mary

Law Colleague, Fellow Academic and Dear Friend Craig Parton & Wife Ellen

JWM in Montgomery Clan Garb (Note the Tartan and the Knees)

A Barbecue at Home--in the Hands of a French Chef

JWM and his Wild Boar (the Boar is on the Left)

JWM & granddaughter Sarah in Washington, D.C.

Strasbourg Academy colleague Prof. Dr Angus Menuge with a copy of the Festschrift for JWM, edited by William Dembski and Thomas Schirrmacher (Broadman & Holman, 2009)

JWM being received into the Ordre des Avocats at the Palais de Justice, Paris, having passed the French bar examinations and taken the oath as a French avocat (8 July 2009)


JWM's son Jean-Marie, holding granddaughter Sarah (4 years old) and newly arrived grandson William Warwick Montgomery (born 2 February 2010), who will continue the noble lineage!

JWM as keynote speaker at the Asia-Pacific Christian Apologetics Conference, Tonga, September, 2010

The Montgomerys in Auckland, New Zealand, following the Tonga Apologetics Conference


Paris Yachts Dinner May 2003

European Court of Human Rights with fellow barrister and 2d chair Alex Dos Santos following oral argument in the successful Bessarabian Church case

Ararat Exploration

With Vlad Cubreacov of the Moldovan Parliament after our victory in the Bessarabian Church case before the European Court of Human Rights

In Bucharest with representatives of the Romanian and Bessarabian Orthodox Churches and the University of Bucharest

With one of the Bishops following JWM's reception of the Patriarch's Medal (the highest ecclesiastical decoration of the Romanian Orthodox Church)

JWM receiving the higher doctorate in law (LL.D.) from Cardiff University, Wales, July, 2003, based on the totality of his legal publications